The Importance of Dog Health

The Importance of DOG Health

Pets bring immense love and joy with them, so do they need in return. Our pets give us silent treatment for their health as they are dependent on their owners for a healthy life. If a pet suffers from any pain or trouble, they cannot tell us, so it becomes our responsibility as a pet owner to look upon them and take good care of them.


We’ve heard people saying that pets are just animals and are not necessary for our lives as our family. Most pet owners know the joy of having a pet, the love they get from them, the companionship, and the bond formed between a pet and humans.


Pets are good for health


It is a scientifically proven fact that stroking an animal reduces the stress level. If you even spend 15-20 minutes with your pet in a day, your body releases feel-good hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin, and prolactin. It is also said that spending time with your pet lowers cortisol (natural stress hormone in the body). This can keep your body relaxed and also reduce your blood pressure by 10%. If you own a dog, you have to take it for a walk once or twice a day that means you get the opportunity to get the fresh air and exercise to keep you and your puppies healthy. 강아지보험비교


Unconditional Love 


Animals do not ask for much but love and care. They only need your time and attention, nothing else. Most animals need a warm and safe environment to live in and adequate water, food, and exercise. In return, they love you unconditionally and provide you with loyalty and companionship. Dogs are affectionate, loving, and loyal companions, whereas cats may be a little volatile. Having a four-legged friend as a companion by your side all the time that waits for you to come back home and is ready to welcome you with all the love is great.


Emotional Support


It’s incredible to know how a pet can bring so much emotional support to your life. Especially if you own a puppy, they are with you in all your ups and downs and support you whenever you feel low without even saying anything. If you mainly have special needs, then certain breeds are capable enough to provide physical support. A pet can help you to reduce your loneliness, provide companionship, and get someone to talk to and spend time whenever you like to. Pets are just like tiny babies, they automatically give a positive vibe, and you feel good around them. Pets can prove to be lifesavers for people suffering from depression and sorrow. They give you a reason to get out of bed and fight your depression and anxiety. pets such as cats and puppies have a calming effect on humans, and they can instantly change their owner’s mood.

While living with your pet, you need to give special attention to your pet’s health as they carry some harmful germs that can make you sick.


Pick the Right Pet 


Before getting a pet home, make sure it is the perfect choice for you and your family. Do some homework and know about the animal you want to bring home. There should be some points that should be clear in your mind before getting an animal.

  • The lifespan of the pet
  • Eating habits of the animal
  • Energy requirements of the pet
  • Size of your pet
  • The overall cost for veterinary purpose
  • Habitat your pet needs to be happy and healthy around
  • Pets suitable for country living, apartment, or condominium

Kids below the age of 5, people with weak immune systems, and elders are more likely to affect by the spread of diseases between humans and animals known as zoonotic diseases. Pregnant women are also advised to maintain distance from some specific animals. People with a weak immune system should choose a pet with low energy requirements. If you have any double thoughts about the decision, consult a veterinarian before getting an pet home.

Stay healthy around pets

Washing hands is crucial after you play, feed, or clean your pet, as it reduces the risk of getting sick from the germs an animal carries with it. Make it a habit to wash your hands after touching or playing with your dog, feeding your cats, cleaning your cat, handling pet cages, food, toy, and dishes, before eating and drinking, before preparing any food item, and last but not least, after removing shoes and soiled clothes. Maintaining the overall hygiene of you, your family, and your pet is essential to living a healthy life and reduce diseases.

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