How to Choose the Best Dog Food?

Nutritional Effects on Dog’s Health and Wellness

Dog’s health and wellness depend on the quality of food he is consuming. Sugary and fatty food can make the pup physically and mentally unstable.

All dogs need a healthy and well-balanced diet; however, the consumption amount varies as per their age.

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The puppy needs a large portion of amino acids and fatty acids. Moreover, their daily meal must be divided into four to six portions as they are in a growing stage and need a lot more energy than older ones.


For adults and old-age dogs, it is recommended to follow the breed-specific nutritional chart. However, their portion size is quite large but divided into two meals per day.


Tips to Become the Better Puppy Owner

You can’t be a perfect dog owner? You think!


Consistent self-work can help you become a responsible and better owner.


No doubt puppies are a huge responsibility packed in a Christmasy soul and furry body but a little change each day can help you achieve your purpose.


Below are some tips to become a better dog owner;


  1. Never ever knock them down, no matter how mad you are. Teach them politely and see the result.
  2. Take out some time out of your busy schedule and spend some time with them to make them feel special and wanted.
  3. Treat them with their favorite food or toys to reinforce positive behavior
  4. Give them some space and let them do whatever they love to, but also keep an eagle’s eye on them to prevent risks.
  5. Schedule timely appointments with the veterinarian to ensure your pup is healthy and doing great.
  6. Plan small outings with them to refresh them and enhance productivity.
  7. Don’t restrict their social circle. Let them make new canine friends and people that cherish their lifestyle.


Changing your behavior a little bit towards the dog can help you to maintain the perfect relationship with him, turning you into a better and irreplaceable owner.


Get Your Pet Insured!

Your dog means everything to you, and you may never want to see him dull and in distress. But this doesn’t mean he won’t feel this way.


Health illnesses are associated with every dog, but regular checkups and dog insurance ensure that your pup is always in the best state.


Get a strong dog insurance plan that caters to all your dog’s needs.


Final Words


Despite focusing on nutritional diets and routine checkups, it is also necessary to control their weight, give them enough exercise, brush their coat, and give them baths with the vet’s recommended shampoos.


Take care of your dog so he can care for you!

  • Calcium: Helps in the formation of bone and teeth, nerve transmission, muscle contractions.
  • Phosphorus: Required for structure, DNA, RNA structure; energy metabolism.
  • Magnesium: Needed to permit enzymes to function; hormone secretions; neuron membrane interface.
  • Potassium: Necessary for healthy nerve function; enzyme reactions; energy metabolism.
  • Iron: Integral a part of hemoglobin and myoglobin; energy metabolism; enzymes in respiration.
  • Copper: Connective tissue; iron metabolism; blood corpuscle formation and defense against oxidation.
  • Zinc: Necessary for enzyme function; protein and carbohydrate metabolism; skin function and wound healing.
  • Manganese: Bone development; cartilage formation; Enzyme reactions; neurological function and metabolism.
  • Selenium: Important within the system and protection against oxidization.

Ash is one of the most common minerals that is often misunderstood in terms of pet food. In general, foods items with meat content have higher ash contents because they contain more mineral-rich bone. Two exceptions are dogs with kidney or urinary problems, which enjoy lower ash diets, and growing puppies which require sufficient minerals for healthy bone development.

How to Choose the Best Dog Food?

Choosing the best dog food for your pet is the real struggle of dog owners. Here are some of the tips that will surely help you select the best food for your dog.

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